a story of sex, shopping
and a bacteria that changes what you desire

by rik lander

magic-tree is an interactive online narrative first published on the web in 2001, commissioned by Paul Bonaventura of the Laboratory at the Ruskin School, Oxford.

The website uses animation, video, audio and printed text and was designed for the fastest internet connection of the time - 56K. At launch, a limited edition of boxes containing physical components of the story we offered free. The boxes were perfumed and contained a crystal ‘magic-tree’ kit, several mint/chocolate twigs, a bag of soil and some cherry pips.

In its story, as well as its form, magic-tree addresses questions about how we interact with web fiction.

The site only works with Internet Explorer and requires Quicktime. It takes a few hours to complete the four chapters.

Rik Lander, September 2007